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      "What was his name?" inquired Monty Scruggs.

      "I'll just ask the Captain a few questions for the defense," said Lieut. Bowersox. "How did you know that the prisoner was drunk?"

      "Too bad about discouraging 'em," laughed another, who had a juster appreciation of the situation. "You couldn't discourage that drove of kids with a hickory club."

      Shorty's first thought was of his old friend, Bob Ramsey, Sergeant of the Provost-Guard. He found him, and said:Then Shorty finished his letter:

      "Nonsense!" answered Si. "We've done enough for one day. I've bin up for two nights now, and am goin' to have a rest. Let some o' the other fellers have a show for their money. We haint got to fight this whole war all by ourselves."The man's appearance was so impressive, his words and confident manner so convincing, and the boys so hungry that their scruples vanished, and all followed the late Lieut.-Col. Billings, as he gave the word, and started off through the mazes of the camp with an air of confident knowledge that completed his conquest of them.

      gear, and"


      "Si, you orter to be more careful in talkin' to your sisters," he remonstrated when they were alone.


      "Nothing more than a mere scratch on the side of my head," said the Lieutenant, wiping away the blood.


      "Silence in ranks," commanded Si. "Each rank will count twos."