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      The installation was full of delight for Isola and her sister-in-law. The house afforded innumerable surprises, unexpected nooks and corners of all kinds. There were lovely views from every windoweast, west, north, or southand there was a garden full of roses, a garden made upon so steep a slope that it was a succession of terraces, with but little intervening level ground, and below the lowest terrace the valley stretched down to the sea, a tangle of gnarled old olive trees, wan and silvery, with a ruined gateway just seen among the foliage at the bottom of a dim grey glade.You talked a lot about your peopleI suppose, especially about some one called Trafford. Who is he?

      CHAPTER VII."Oh, we all know that you have exalted her into a heroinea St. John's Wood St. Helena. But she is a little too unconventional for my taste; though I certainly would rather be intimate with her than with her sister-in-law."

      Mme. Le Brun, speaking of Mme. de Genlis, says, Her slightest conversation had a charm of which [465] it is difficult to give an idea.... When she had discoursed for half an hour everybody, friends and enemies, were enchanted with her brilliant conversation.

      I say, Trafford, were you at the Blankyres the other night?

      Lady Wyndover touched with the tips of her fingers the dresses which Esmeralda had purchased.Why, it is a kid! exclaimed one, as the men pressed round closer and stared at the sleeping child.

      Their property had been confiscated, their estates seized, and their h?tels and chateaux either burnt or sold.

      He smiled.


      Who do you mean.


      Its not far, he pleaded."Yes," she cried, roused in an instant, and clasping her hands excitedly. "Did she go down?"


      One thing they did not know, however, Mrs. Baynham having been discreetly silent on the subject. They did not know that they were to meet the Glenaveril family in full force, the doctor's wife being of opinion that a friendly dinner-party was the panacea for all parish quarrels and small antagonisms, and that by judiciously bringing the Crowthers and the Disneys together at a well-spread board, and in the genial atmosphere of her unspacious drawing-room, she could bring about an end of the feud, or tacit coldness, which had divided the Angler's Nest and Glenaveril since Colonel Disney's home-coming. It was a disappointment to this worthy woman to see Vansittart Crowther, when Colonel and Mrs. Disney were announced, start and glare as if a mad dog had been brought into the room; but she was relieved at seeing the easy nod which the colonel bestowed upon his vanquished foe, and the friendly hand which good Mrs. Crowther held out to Isola, who paled and blushed, and all but wept at meeting with that cordial matron.When the door closed upon Esmeralda, Lady Wyndover turned upon Mr. Pinchook.