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      Then let us go, she said. You must be tired of this small place, and want to see the duke and Lilias andother people.I will go, he said in a whisper.

      She did not draw away from him; but her head drooped.

      Varley thought she was asleep, but her quick ears had caught his footsteps, and she sprung to her feet with a glad cry, and threw her arms round his neck, nearly knocking his cigarette out of his mouth and quite knocking off his sombrero. As the camp worshiped her, she worshiped Varley[17] Howard; to her he was everything that was good and handsome and noble.Yes, I have, said Norman.

      One dayshe was a little over seventeenshe was riding through the wood that rose from the edge of the stream half-way up the hill, her hat tilted over her eyes, her soft, full voice singing melodiously, when her horse, a beautiful young chestnut, purchased by the camp for her special use, started and shied, and then neighed.

      Have you seen her, my dear? She is one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw. She is perfectly lovely! With the most wonderful hair and eyes.A shot, he said, languidly.


      Esmeralda understood. It had only been since her marriage that the scheme had become possible.He was in a dilemma. It would be night before very long, and it behooved him to reach the camp without delay. He looked from right to left with a puzzled frown; then it struck him that he would let the horse choose; no doubt it had often traveled the road before. The horse, after a moments hesitation, chose the left forkand the wrong one.


      Norman had been hunting round also, and suddenly he uttered a cry and held something white aloft.He drew back, so that his face was in the shadow of a palm.


      I do wish it, he said. We have not been engaged long, I know, and, if you would rather wait, we will do so. It shall be exactly as you wish. It ought to be so. But there is no reason why we should wait until the autumn or the winter. My father is very anxious that the wedding should take placehe is very fond of you, as you know, and is looking forward to the day when he can really call you his daughter.Such love as mine lasts for a whole life, Trafford, said Lady Ada. It can never die. But you know that. I didnt come to tell you that I should never change; only to say good-bye andand to hear you say once more, and for the last time, that youyou love me!