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      "He can't help it now," laughed his friend, "he's tagged it on himself by one of his songs."Aintaint heard from her lately, I spose, Varley?

      The two exchanged a brief admiring glance. "Oh, I'm all right with Constance," was the reply. "I'm cousin to 'Steve'!"

      He went upstairs and entered her room, and absently walked to the dressing-table. There still lay upon it the envelope addressed to him; for Barker had not noticed it, in the confusion of her discovery of Esmeraldas absence, and the greater confusion of the dukes death. He took it up, and with shaking hands opened it. The ring fell to the floor, and for a moment or two he seemed incapable of searching for it. When he had found it, he held it in the palm of his hand and gazed at it dully, as if it were something curious and unique; then its meaning bore down upon him, and with a groan he left the room, the ring clinched in his hand.

      Lady Adas smile grew ghastly in its artificiality.Lady Lilias gave a little inaudible sigh of satisfaction as she heard the sweet, clear voice.

      Very much, said Esmeralda, demurely. It was a lovely view, and Lord Trafford let me drive.

      "Out on the veranda," said a passing dancer.Esmeralda stood very pale, her lips apart, her breath coming quickly, but with a tender smile in her eyes which would have told them, even if they had doubted, that she was indeed Esmeralda.


      "Dat you bofe be in de same sawt o' clo'es like you got on now."


      "What! she knows already?"Butbut the kiss


      On a hint from the other women, and urged by their visitor, Anna brought the letter and read him several closely written pages on the strategic meaning of things. The zest with which he discussed the lines made her newly proud of their source."My dear Con! Isn't his absence equally and perfectly innocent whether he couldn't come or wouldn't come? But an explanation sent!--by courier!--to--to shorten--ah, ha, ha!--to shorten our agony! Why, Con, wouldn't you have thought better of him than that? H-oh, me! What a man's 'bound to be' I suppose he's bound to be. What is the precious explanation?"