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      Im under the impression that I informed your ladyship that Miss Chetwynde was good-looking.He set his teeth tight.

      How should you? she repeated, absently.


      By the way, said the lawyer, the child hasnt got a name that we know of. What are you going to call her, Varley?

      He walked to the door, then paused, and looked back at her. She stood quite motionless, gazing vacantly into the night. He sighedit was very nearly a groanand then, like an idiot, went out and left her.

      She stood gaping at the badly written scrawlNorman was anything but literary in his tastesas if she could scarcely credit her eyes. Norman innocent! Then where was Esmeralda? She looked at the postmark; it bore the Oakfield stamp right enough; the letter had been posted there. She was confused and bewildered, and had the letter still in her hand when Lilias entered the room. She slipped the letter in her pocket, and went on opening the others.


      Who was she? The daughter of some rich sheep farmer or successful gold digger? He longed to ask her for all particulars of her birth, parentageof everything, in fact; but youth is shy, especially in the presence of female loveliness, and Lord Norman was tongue-tied.



      She started slightly at his approach and looked up at him. She had been thinking of the dark cloud over her life; of the husband who was divided from her; of Lady Ada, the woman he loved; and the sight of Norman, with his bronzed and handsome face and lithe figure, recalled Three Star Camp to her, the wild woods, the keen mountain air, and all that past in which she had been so free from care and so ignorantly happy.Call him in, she said in a whisper. Offer him supper, a drink.