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      These tidings struck the Austrian council with consternation. The French armies were declared to be the finest that had ever taken the field. The Prussian army, in stolid bravery and perfection285 of discipline, had never been surpassed. Germany was to be cut into four equal parts, and France was to be the sovereign power on the Continent.

      Rue shook her head. "It is not fitting," said she, "that the son and heir of the house should first enter at the back, like a servant."SACKING THE PALACE.

      "I will not," answered she, solemnly; "I promise you that I will not. How could I, when I am half inclined to believe that such faithunfounded, illusory though it beis a better thing than any reality that we exchange it for."

      Jekyll opened his eyes wide with surprise and terror. "Good gracious!" he exclaimed, "it's a penitentiary business!"525

      "Peace go with him!" said Diva lightly. "He was in a great hurry to leave us, but he said 'Farewell' in a way to indicate that he should not be in a hurry to return. Fortunately, we are not the sort of damsels to pine after an unwilling knight."

      Munchberg, July 2, 1734.


      "Certainly, if you wish it. But, Mr. Arling, the subject was closed, for me, with her question and your answer. Would it not be as well for you to let it rest there, also?"


      This, briefly, was what the clergyman said.


      "Do not let me interrupt you," she said to Astra, "but just go on with whatever you are about, and allow me to study this at my leisure."