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      It was between eight and nine in the evening, and there was a gloomy twilight in the loggia, and in the garden beyond. The wind which had dropped in the afternoon had begun to rage again, as if not only Nero but all the wicked emperors were abroad in the air.Esmeralda climbed up to the front seat without any assistance from Trafford, and they drove off. He glanced at her. She wore a neat little felt hat and a sealskin jacket, and she looked, even to his critical eyes, perfectly dressed and workman-like.

      Weve brought her, said Simon, shortly. Then he turned to Esmeralda: So long as you keep quiet and behave yourself, nobodyll do yer any harm; Id advise you not to make any attempt to get away.

      As he spoke, he drew his revolver from his belt and examined it with almost a listless air. It seemed as if in his own mind he were quite sure that he should exact the full penalty he deemed payable.He said no more, and they rode on over the plain, through the valley, and up the hill to the old hut.

      Esmeralda looked up at her with half-closed eyes, and the smile which repaid Mother Melinda for all the weary and anxious nights.It was from Brindisi.

      The morning the duke died. And left no word! Oh, you knowyou know! Why do you stand there so shamelessly?With her stocking in her hand, she stood upright as a dart, and looked at the dry little lawyer in her direct fashion.

      The men flocked around with cries of Got anything for me, Bill? Hand out that check Ive been waiting for! Got a message for me, Willyum? and so on; most of them in accents of simulated indifference or burlesque anxiety.

      Either you are a devil of deceit, or youyou have been wronged! she gasped. Esmeralda is not here; wenone of us know where she is; but we believe that she is with you!


      However old my head may be, my heart is still young enough to feel grateful, Miss Chetwynde. And how can I show my gratitude? Can I tell you who some of the people are? They are strangers to you, I imagine?Trafford frowned impatiently.


      In a minute, she replied, calmly. It is beautiful out here, and it makes me think of the country, as you Londoners call places outside.


      Lady Wyndover said she didnt mind in the least, and she insisted on his putting her in the back seat. Id rather Esmeralda rode in front, she said. If I can see the horses I am always under the impression they are going to bolt; besides, if theres any wind, youll shelter me.