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      "Come, Si. Don't fight there. That's no place. If you're goin' to fight, come up on level ground, where it kin be fair and square. Come up here, or we'll go over there."and oh, God of Battles! how that army of voices took up the refrain

      "O, they all know Si by this time," returned the father confidently. "Besides, he's an officer now. I'll go right to Gen. Rosecrans's Headquarters. He's probably right near him, where he kin have him at any time. But don't write to Si that I'm comin'. I want to surprise him."The next morning the Orderly-Sergeant said:

      Again the shaking gesture. "I can't stand this!" Nov. 25, 1862.

      "Surrender, you off-scourings of secession," added Shorty."This business has about finished me up," said Pen. "I must get away for awhile."

      "'Go to blazes,' he said. 'None of your bizniss how I am, how I got here, or how the other boys are. Better not let them find out you're here. They'll take it out of your Jew hide for the way you used to skin them in St. Louis. I want to know what the devil you are doing here?'

      "Why," explained Si, "I've noticed, whenever we've bin in any big place, that all the fine houses have signs or numbers, or something else onto 'em, to name 'em. I've bin thinkin' o' something for155 our house. How does 'Hoosier's Rest' strike you for a name?"


      "You didn't care! You didn't care!"


      "He could have got but the briefest of glances."