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      "But, Madame, Monsieur insisted that I should bring a complete trousseau. He wished Madame to supply herself with all things needful for a long cruise in the south."[78]

      He took a card from a pocket-book and handed it to her. She had never seen a card before, and she turned it over in her gauntleted hand and looked at it curiously, and read:

      Thank you, Barker, she said, recovering herself; I dont think I want to hear what the gentlemen say about it.While Bill was submitting to the operation as patiently as he could, Varley opened his letters. They were partly on business, partly personal; invitations from various camps to come and open a gambling saloon; flowery epistles from members of the fair sexmost of them reproaching him for his long absence and neglect of writing.

      Trafford went out into the darkness, feeling like a man who had been smitten by a mortal illness. His brain was in a[192] whirl; the whole thing seemed like a hideous nightmare. He did not ask himself how Esmeralda had discovered the truth; it never occurred to him that she might have overheard Lady Adas wild words; he thought that, perhaps, some fool of a woman had been talking to her, and opening her eyes.

      That dimond o Esmeraldas is a-firing away to-night fine, Varley, he said, changing the subject discreetly. Reminds me of them eyes of hers. Blame me if they usednt to shine jes like that when she was in one of her tantrums.



      Yes, he said; thats my mothers place.


      Suddenly, in the midst of a deal, his hand became motionless, and he looked up listeningly. His ears, quicker than the othersand they were by no means slowhad caught a significant sound.