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      Her father still said nothing.

      "You wouldn't tell himyou wouldn't be such a sneak. After all, what's a man for, if it isn't to have a bit of fun with? I don't mean anything seriousit's just a joke."

      "No. Howsumdever, we can't stand ag?unst himthe pl?ace is his'n, and he can do wot he likes."

      "Is he dead?" asked Reuben.



      About three years later Sir Ralph Bardon died. He died of typhus caught on one of Reuben's insanitary cottages, where he had been nursing a sick boy. The village was inclined to look upon him as a martyr and Reuben as his murderer, but Reuben himself preserved a contemptuous attitude. "If I'd wanted anything as much as he wanted them houses o' mine, I'm hemmed if I wudn't have had 'em," he said, "and all he could do wur to die of 'em"and he spat.


      Chapter 8