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      "It is sad; but the world is made so. And then Providence steeps elderly people in a happy hallucination. They generally forget that they are old; or at least they forget that they ever were young, and they think young people so ineffably silly that youth itself seems despicable to their sober old minds. But you and I have a long life to the good, dear love, before the coming of grey hairs and elderly prejudices."

      She said nothing, but drew her arm through his and led him into the hut.

      Yes, Lady Wyndover, said Mr. Pinchook, with a suspicion of a sigh of relief. We have arrived at last!

      He came nearer, looked at them, and passed them bypassed as one who knew them not, and was but faintly curious about them. He passed and walked quickly up towards the Point, with the rapid swinging movements of one who was glad to tread the solid earth."They would make such a splendid pair," said Mrs. Baynham, talking of them as if they were carriage-horses.

      "My own love, I shall think of you every day till we meet again."


      I dont know, and dont care, she remarked.



      "Who was it, Isola?""When did she go?"