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      Trafford paused a moment to ask after her husband and children, then went on his way. He walked on a broad road of carefully laid gravel, rolled and swept until its surface was almost as smooth as marble. Noble elms, carefully tended, formed an avenue whose branches made a green arch high above his head. Between the trees he could still catch glimpses of the sapphire sea; the red deer fled as he approached, a rabbit scuttled across his path. The avenue wound round in serpentine lengths, making the ascent to the house easy; and suddenly the great place came into view.He turned to her with outstretched hand, but she did not move, nor did the steady regard of her sorrow-stricken eyes flinch or yield.

      Saw us in the fernery? Ah! He drew a long breath.

      Oh, no, no! said Esmeralda. It is quite good enough. Do not buy a new one.


      It must have been, said Lady Wyndover, suavely, and with a little twitch of the corners of her carmine lips, as she remembered Mr. Pinchooks moaning. And what do you think of London?but how ridiculous of me! Youve not seen it yet!Love's war was declared. From hour to hour of that night and the next morning, in bed, at board, dressing for the thronged city, spinning with Constance and Miranda up Love Street across Piety and Desire and on into the town's centre, Anna, outwardly all peace, planned that war's defensive strategy. Splendidly maidenly it should be, harrowingly arduous to the proud invader, and long drawn out. Constance should see what a man can be put through. But oh, but oh, if, after all, the invasion should not come!


      The other lady laughed.


      And Esmeralda stood looking after them, little guessing that she had met the man and the woman who were to work the happiness and the misery of her life!