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      There was a curious silence. Martin Disney was sitting on the other side of his wife's sofa, where he had been reading selected bits of the Times, such portions of the news of men and nations as he fancied might interest her. Allegra was busy with a piece of delicate needlework, and did not immediately reply; but it was she who was first to speak."Are you so very glad?"

      She took her arms from about his neck, and seated herself on the table, with her face turned from him.Esmeralda poured out some whisky and water and set it before him before replying, and so gained time to control her voice, and answer with an assumption of indifference which the most innocent of Eves daughters find so easy.

      "Well!" said Dr. Remy, by way of reminding him that he was still waiting.

      Carice looked a little surprised. It would seem that Bergan's letter had made no mention of his mother. "Has the fever attacked any of the others?" she continued.



      "Why, Brick! how do you do? Is anything the matter at the Hall?"