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      De Boteler moved from the illuminated bier, and entered the hall with a haughty step; and as his eye fell on Father John, the frown on his brow increased. He did not, however, appear to heed him, but, turning to the abbot's messenger, said,

      When he saw them running along the lane from school, or tramping the fields togetherthey were always togetheror helping with the hops or the hay, his heart would stir with a warm, unwonted sense of fatherhood, not just the proud paternal impulse which had visited him when he held his new-born babies in his arms, but something belonging more to the future than the present, to the days when they should carry on Odiam after his death. For the first time he had sons whom he looked upon not merely as labourers to help him in his work, but as men created in his own image to inherit that work and reap its fruits when he was gone.


      Dara turned away. "I do not listen to your words," she said flatly. "I do not hear you or see you."



      Richard bitterly abused his father to Anne, as they met in the midst of the strife of their two families:"Where are your other sons?"


      "You'll let me stop the night," pleaded Albert. "I'll explain things when I'm better. I can't now."