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      "Sometimesnot muchdreams are often dreadful," she answered, with a startled air."I have no doubt he will come. It will be the most natural thing for him to do. You will see the white sails some afternoon, glorified in the sunset, like that boat yonder with its amethyst-coloured sail."

      "Have you any fancy about lunch, ma'am?" asked Tabitha, lingering with feather-brush in hand over a side-table, on which work-basket, books, writing-case, and flower-vases were arranged with tasteful neatness by those skilful hands.

      "Why, Isa, where have you been hiding all this evening?"

      The priest was interested in watching Isola this evening. He saw a marked change in the expression of her countenance, a change which was perceptible to him even in her voice and mannera brightness which might mean a lightened heart, or which might mean religious exaltation.


      Yes, miss, she said, dryly. Its a matter of taste. She sighed as she looked at the dress, and Esmeralda took the opportunity to remark:[Pg 189]



      "Oh yes; I never left Brittany until my wedding-day."