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      "I can't take gifts from you," said Pen coldly. "I've earned this money, haven't I? You promised it.""Be yourself! Be yourself, Ernest! You're all wet!"

      "Where would I meet you?"Captain Pringle and Lieutenant Roche had become separated from the other fugitives; and, ignorant of woodcraft, they wandered by moonlight amid the desolation of rocks and snow, till early in the night they met a man whom they knew as a servant of Rogers, and who said that he could guide them to Fort Edward. One of them had lost his snow-shoes in the fight; and, crouching over a miserable fire of broken sticks, they worked till morning to make a kind of substitute with forked branches, twigs, and a few leather strings. They had no hatchet to cut firewood, no blankets, no overcoats, and no food except part of a Bologna sausage and a little ginger which Pringle had brought with him. There was no game; not even a squirrel was astir; and their 15

      "The time will pass slowly until then," he said simply. He picked up her hand and pressed it hard to his cheek."Perfectly," said Pen.

      "Thanks," she said putting it inside her dress, and walked on.[697] Knox, Historical Journal, I. 228.

      "I can," said Pen quietly. "... I guess my soul is older than yours."

      Once Counsell asked her directly: "Do you know New York?"V2 King, the conferences were broken off. Choiseul, launched again on the billows of a disastrous war, had seen and provided against the event. Ferdinand VI. of Spain had died, and Carlos III. had succeeded to his throne. Here, as in England, change of kings brought change of policy. While negotiating vainly with Pitt, the French Minister had negotiated secretly and successfully with Carlos; and the result was the treaty known as the Family Compact, having for its object the union of the various members of the House of Bourbon in common resistance to the growing power of England. It provided that in any future war the Kings of France and Spain should act as one towards foreign Powers, insomuch that the enemy of either should be the enemy of both; and the Bourbon princes of Italy were invited to join in the covenant. [868] What was more to the present purpose, a special agreement was concluded on the same day, by which Spain bound herself to declare war against England unless that Power should make peace with France before the first of May, 1762. For the safety of her colonies and her trade Spain felt it her interest to join her sister nation in putting a check on the vast expansion of British maritime power. She could bring a hundred ships of war to aid the dilapidated navy of France, and the wealth of the Indies to aid her ruined treasury.


      Half the continent had changed hands at the scratch of a pen. Governor Bernard, of Massachusetts, 377


      "Why should he?""Lieutenant," he said to the officer, "I wish you'd please detail a man to kick me for about an hour."